Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm Not Dead Yet

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I have last talked to my fellow residents of the web. A lot has happened since then. I am still at my dead end job, I know you can relate, but have started graduate school.

There is something freeing about graduate school. It has been my experience, so far, that graduate school is less about those pesky tests and papers you turn in on a weekly basis and more about practical applications of your ever increasing knowledge. It’s really freeing.

I am currently going to school to be a teacher so I can corrupt… I mean enlighten the next generation. In all seriousness, I really do want to make the future a better place and the way I see it, young people are the future. They deserve to have time and attention devoted to them so that they can be the best men and women they can be, strong, smart and hopefully equipped with a decent moral compass. Or would it be a moral GPS now?

At any rate, I want to be a teacher and part of the reason is that I love kids. Kids are amazing people. They have something in common with us geeks that I love. They are not afraid to show love for their passions. Most little kids don’t mask their excitement for life the way that so many adults do. It’s refreshing being around that sort of attitude, and even if a five year old may not be able to go on and on about the wonders of being a time lord, they still show gusto when it comes to talking about sports or toys, or even what they are learning. It gives me comfort in a way that a suit and tie, cubical job never could.

Yes dear readers, my life is changing, but I hope to be writing to you on a more regular basis about all the things that make me Sheek. Until then, stay gold and live long and prosper.

This is Sheek, signing out.

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